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Nov 26, 2022
GV is proof that apprenticeship works. The transition was calculated and ten years in the making. Most of the staff also remained in place and has been there for over a decade. The football program also benefits unwavering from support from the super independent, principal and AD (all male). As such they have an easier time keeping talent in district than many other district 1 schools.

Regarding sjp no they do not have a chance. Their offense is designed to be effective by getting the back 7 out of position using the option. Prep’s recovery speed in the back seven is next level so even when trotter/sacca make the wrong read they’re able to recover and limit what is always a 7 yard gain to just 3. 100% of the pass game being out of the play action is just too slow. Gv’s qb last year threw zero int’s during the regular season yet threw 2 pick sixs to sacca/nelson in the semi-final because their closing speed was next level. Run based offenses just dont work against that level of speed. Teams like coatesville and north penn are always a better matchup because they can get the ball out quick to athletes on the perimeter that may break a big play on prep. You just cant ram it down their throat. You can see evidence of this even back to 2014 when charles snorweigh and that powerful pennsbury wing t offense came to a grinding hault against prep and lost 42-7
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